Connect Groups
We have 10 Connect groups. Should you want to be part of a mid-week meeting please contact us by phone or e-mail and we will help you connect with a suitable group.
Youth and Children 
Our youth and Children are a vital part of West London Family Church. We have a children's charter and a dedicated team of DBS checked volunteers who work with our children and youth. 
We are an active member of the churches child protection advisory service. 
As part of our activities we connect with other youth and are part of the London Riverside church Apex youth network.
We offer regular Godly Play sessions for our children.
This is an international method of storytelling and community building which is presented to reflects our own AoG church beliefs.
We now hace a team of volunteer Godly Play trained strorytellers.
Our two Godly Play advocates volunteer and offer taster sessions in the UK and abroad with the hope of inspiring others to develop their own Godly Play communities. 

   Godly Play UK: